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A Tech-filled Day of Learning Digital Skills for the Workplace!

On March 2, 2018, students from across HCDSB were invited to Microsoft Canada’s head office for a fun, tech-filled day of creativity, curosity, and excitement!

Students received hands-on experience with some of the latest gadgets in technology, while listening to famous technology influencers and learning about the wide-range of careers in technology. ​

According to the Ministry of Education, Ontario’s Vision is that “Ontarians of all ages will receive the supports they need to pursue postsecondary education (apprenticeship, college and university), have a fair chance to fulfill their dreams, achieve their potential and thrive in the global knowledge economy.”

Students were invited to this Microsoft student event to learn about the various career pathways and educational opportunities available once they continue on to their postsecondary studies.

Special thanks to Microsoft Canada for a fun and informative day of learning, and to our staff and students for their participation in this educational event! ​


Elementary Skills Ontario

A Cardboard Race to the Finish Line!

Grade 7 and 8 students from Ascension, St. Andrew, St. Mary, Our Lady of Victory, St. Francis of Assisi and Queen of Heaven​ Catholic Elementary Schools recently participated in the Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race and Video Challenge.

For over 20 years, Skills Ontario​ has promoted the skilled trades and technologies, and has hosted Cardboard Boat Races across Ontario.

With the support of their teachers, students worked collaboratively throughout the process, creating design plans, gathering materials and planning how to best utilize each individual’s skill set to help achieve their end goal.

Using math, creative thinking, problem solving and hands on building skills, students were able to create two unique and effective boats. The event challenged students to create cardboard boats that could outperform other teams in both speed and weight competitions when placed in the water.

The two student video teams from Ascension Catholic Elementary School were also able to showcase a highlight reel of the performances and the creation of the cardboard boats. Action shots were recorded from various camera angles and students were able to incorporate their artistic abilities and techniques to document the day.

Congratulations to all students and many thanks to our HCDSB staff for their dedication and support for Pathways and Student Success​initiatives!


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Halton Catholic Students Achieve Great Things at Skills Ontario Competition

From May 1-3, 2017, the Halton Catholic District School Board was thrilled to send 18 elementary and 12 secondary students to the Skills Ontario Competition at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Earlier this year, students who advanced to Skills Ontario achieved top marks at the Halton Skills Competition, held in March of 2017.

Skills Ontario is Canada’s largest skilled trade and technology competition, offering a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their outstanding skills in a chosen field of study. Over two and a half days, they share their talents in front of educators, family, friends and prospective employers.

Winners are awarded with gold, silver or bronze medals, and some students receive monetary awards and the opportunity to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition.

Congratulations to our elementary students who competed in the following categories:

  • LEGO Robotics (St. Paul Catholic Elementary School)
  • Technology Challenge (St. Mary Catholic Elementary School)
  • TV and Video Production (St. Peter Catholic Elementary School)
  • Green Energy Challenge (St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School)

Our Intermediate Robotics team (Liam Boyle, Anthony Fuca, David Colterman and Matthew Clement) from St. Paul Catholic Elementary School successfully took home a bronze medal at the competition.

Students in secondary school also competed in the following categories: Architectural Design, IT Network Systems, Graphic Design, Carpentry, Robotics and Control Systems, Photography, Cabinet Making, Refrigeration, Hairstyling and Coding.

Congratulations goes out to all secondary students, as well as Adam Farrow of Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School who won bronze at the competition in Architectural Design.

All teams had a fantastic day and represented our Board and their respective schools admirably. A special thank you goes out to our coaches for their time, effort, and dedication in making these opportunities available for our students. ​

College Elementary Skills Ontario Trades

A ‘Taste’ of Niagara

On February 9th, grade six students from St. Michael, Lumen Christi and Holy Rosary (B) School took part in an Experiential Learning opportunity at Niagara College’s Niagara on the Lake campus. The purpose of the visit was to introduce our students to the opportunities provided by a college in close proximity to the Halton Region. As well, by making our students more aware of the post-secondary choices that exist for them, we increase the chances that they will make informed decisions when choosing their pathways.

The day’s events began with a tour of the campus. Students were shown the various services and amenities offered to students who attend Niagara College. As well, students toured the various professional kitchens affiliated with the Culinary Arts program and some were lucky enough to receive some freshly baked samples. The tour finished with a look at the college’s active greenhouse.

The day was punctuated by a lunch prepared by students in Niagara’s Culinary program. The delicious meal helped activate the students’ brains for the two afternoon workshops.

The first workshop focused on Food Science. The students were given an overview of what ‘food science’ is and what careers are available to someone who completes the Food Science program. The workshop concluded with students posing as food critics to determine the difference between a traditional Oreo cookie and the ’30% Less Fat’ variety of Oreo.

The second workshop saw the students engaged in a collaborative inquiry session based on Event Planning. Students were given a set of success criteria that helped to guide them through the process of planning a grade 8 graduation. Students worked in groups to determine a theme, food, entertainment and overall budget for their proposed graduation party.

Many thanks to all of the schools who took part in the day and the team at Niagara College who helped to provide this amazing experiential learning opportunity for our students.


January 2017 Newsletter Update!

All About Me Catholic Edition

As teachers, we work to deliver the provincial curriculum in a way that is consistent with Catholic values. One of the resources that we provide to all students in Halton Catholic is All About Me; an interactive portfolio tool that supports K-6 students with the inquiry process, self-discovery, and reflection. As of January 2017, we have access to the new Catholic Edition of the program that includes a new My Faith section; inviting students to add daily prayers, reflect on the Sacraments, and explore the Catholic Graduation Expectations. Check out the new additions by logging into your staff account, clicking “Go to Student View” in the top right hand corner, and then clicking Add Box. If you don’t have an All About Me teacher account, please contact to get started!  

myBlueprint’s Who am I? Surveys – blurb for 7-12 teachers

The Student Success Team at Halton Catholic works to ensure that every student’s diverse interests, goals, and strengths are supported in and outside of the classroom. One of the programs that we license to support student success, as well as the Individual Pathways Plan and inquiry-based learning, is myBlueprint Education Planner. Built from the ground up for grade 7-12 students, myBlueprint promotes self-discovery and exploration through various features including the Who Am I? surveys. Students can complete six comprehensive assessments (including Learning Styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, Motivations, and Compatibility) to learn more about themselves and potential high school courses, post-secondary programs, and career opportunities related to their interests and passions. The interactive design and realistic insight provided by the surveys help students gain self-confidence and sparks their curiosity into planning for the future.

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Team HCDSB at the 2016 Halton Skills

Check out pictures from our HCDSB Team at the 2016 Halton Skills hosted by Robert Bateman HS!


Featured Skills Ontario

Float your cardboard boat!

On Tuesday, January 26th, 12grade 8 students and 2 teachers from Ascension School in Burlington participated in the Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race and Video Challenge. ‘Skills Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the skilled trades and technologies. For over 20 years, Skills Ontario has been hosting Cardboard Boat Races across Ontario’.

The purpose of the competitions is to engage students in a project that helps them to recognize the importance of honing specific skills. As our students utilize and demonstrate these skills during the event, they are learning where their strengths and interests lay. The result is that the competitions help our students to develop an understanding of how to make career and life decisions that are best suited to their individual abilities.

The day’s events challenged our students to create cardboard boats that could outperform other teams in both speed and weight competitions when placed in the water. As well, the two video teams from Ascension were required to document the event, and then create and edit a video that showcases the event and the skills that students utilize during the creation of their boats.

With the support of Mrs. Giammarco (Gr. 8 Teacher), students worked collaboratively throughout the process, creating design plans, gathering materials and planning how to best utilize each individual’s skills to help achieve their end goal. Using math, creative thinking, problem solving and hands on building skills, the teams were able to create two unique and effective boats. All the while, our video teams filmed the action from strategic vantage points and incorporated various camera angles and setting to document the day.

The day was a great success and provided our students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and take part in a fun filled event.

Congratulations to our students and many thanks to Mrs. Giammarco for her support.