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Why Student Success?

Each student has  a diverse set of goals, interest and strengths that can help them learn and become successful throughout their educational career. Student Success is a program that was developed to support the everyday needs of student from Grade 7 – 12. By offering various pathways and the additional support to help students become successful high school graduates and pursue a pathway of their choice.

For more information on Student Success go to the Ontario Ministry of Education, click here.

The Student Success Strategy helps students in grades 7 to 12 tailor their education to their individual strengths, goals and interests.

Quick Facts:

Nearly a third of students were not completing their high school education in 2003-04.

Here are some other interesting facts found in the Canadian Council on Learning’s report on the cost of dropping out of high school:

  • Labour and employment: A student who drops out can expect an income loss of more than $100,000 over their lifetime, compared to individuals with a high school diploma (and no postsecondary education).
  • Social assistance: The average public cost of providing social assistance is estimated at over $4,000 per year per student who drops out.
  • Crime: Students who drop out are overly represented in the prison population.
  • Health: A student who drops out enjoys fewer years at a reasonable quality of life. This is because there are strong associations between education and health across a range of illnesses (e.g., cancer, diabetes). Combining morbidity and mortality costs, there is an estimated cost to the student who drops out of more than $8,000 per year.
Graduation Goal

The government has set an 85 per cent graduation rate target. This means 25,000 more students per year will graduate when the target is achieved than did in 2003-04.


Since 2003-04, the high school graduation rate has increased by 14 percentage points – from 68 to 82 per cent. That means about 93,000 more students attained their high school diploma than would have had the rates remained at the 2003-04 level and therefore have a chance at a brighter future. And more Grade 9 and 10 students are completing all of their courses on time and are on track to graduate.