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Summer School Dual Credit Applications are NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Summer school applications for the Dual Credits at Sheridan College are now available to download to register. Course descriptions are below.

Dual Credit Halton Summer School Registration Form

Course descriptions

Introduction to Industrial Trades 9-1:00 July 4- 28th

Students are introduced to a variety of machining techniques applicable to the machining and tooling manufacturing sectors such as: Tool and Die Maker, Tooling tool Maker, General Machinist, Machine Tool Builder and Integrator, Pattern Maker. Students practise the safe setup and operation of different types of machine tools including: Engine Lathes, Milling Machines, Drill Presses, Pedestal Grinders. Students are taught safe lifting techniques, as well as rigging and hoisting. Students also learn to assemble and disassemble mechanical equipment such as motors, gear boxes etc. Students are exposed to the basic fundamentals of oxy-fuel cutting, brazing and welding, plasma cutting, as well as shielded metal arc welding.

Sound Design 9-1:00 July 4 – 21

Computer lab demonstrations, illustrative lectures and computer-based project assignments will form the core of this fundamental course in Sound Design. Students will explore the principles of sound and sound recording, including basic audio physics, aesthetics of sound, and digital audio theory. Application of sound design will be examined through analysis of the elements of a film or television soundtrack, the history of sound film, and the techniques used for dialogue.

Profiles of Crime – Criminology 9-1:00 July 4 – 28th

Students critically analyze the Canadian criminal justice system and the impact of crime on victims and our society. Students explore criminal typologies, the causes of crime and the changing definition of crime and criminals. Through in-class activities, presentations, group discussion, relevant readings and multi-media presentations, students gain a deeper awareness of current issues facing the criminal justice system including police discretion, the role of the criminal court system, the plight of victims of crime, and proposed solutions

Art Fundamentals 9:00-1:00 July 4-21

2D Design is the first of a two part introduction to design fundamentals which introduces the students to basic essentials of design. Students examine elements of design, including line, shape, texture, value and colour. Through interactive lectures, in-class and homework assignments, students use a conceptual process to develop basic compositional techniques in order to create unity and variety.

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