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Specialty School-to-Career Programs 

There are a number of specialty programs offered through Halton to further your learning. Specialty Pathways Programs provide opportunities for specialized learning through focused course packages, often tied to experiential learning through cooperative education. Some specialty Pathways programs can be taken on their own or as part of a Specialist High Skills Major. Click here for more information.


Army Co-op Programme

Halton secondary students have the opportunity to participate in one of two Army Co-op Programmes that operate in Halton.  ‘

The 31 Canadian Brigade Group Army Co-op offers students the chance to complete their Basic Training, while also earning 2 Cooperative Education credits, a Health Active Living credit and a senior English credit from the Burlington Armoury as a full-day semester 1 program.

The 32 Canadian Brigade Group Army Co-op offers students the chance to complete their Basic Training, while also earning 4 Cooperative Education credits from the Oakville Armoury as a full-day semester 2 program.

Both Army Co-op Programmes will require students to join as Non-Commissioned Members of the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Army Reserve.  Students will complete the Canadian Armed Forces recruiting process prior to being enrolled into both the education Army Co-op Programme and the Canadian Armed Forces.

To indicate their interest in one of the programs and to begin meeting with Canadian Armed Forces Recruiters, students should fill out the appropriate Google Form below:

31 Canadian Brigade Group Army Co-op Programme (Burlington): 2 Co-op Credits, 1 Healthy Active Living Credit, 1 Senior English Credit

32 Canadian Brigade Group Army Co-op Programme (Oakville): 4 Co-op Credits

For more information on the Army Co-op Programmes in Halton, including the program summary and the recruiting/joining process, please view the following slideshow:

Halton Army Co-op Programmes Google Slideshow

As you enter the Recruiting Process, you will need to complete the following Adobe PDF Forms to submit to a Unit Recruiter, along with your Birth Certificate proving Canadian citizenship and being at least 16 years of age and and Official Ontario Student Transcript showing successful completion of at least 15 secondary school credits.

Applicant Checklist

DND Personal Data Verification Form

Personnel Screening Consent & Authorization Form

Pre-Enrolment Security Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Youth Physical Fitness Consent & Information Form

Youth Medical Exam Consent & Information Form

Canadian Forces PRACTICE Aptitude Test (CFAT Practice)

Weblinks to Practice for CFAT


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