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Individual Pathway Plan

The Individual Pathway Plan is a component of Creating Pathways to Success, the new Education and Career/Life Planning Program for all Ontario students (grades K-12). All students in grades 7-12 will develop an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) that they will review and revise at least twice each year. It is very much a living document and will change in real time as students engage in the four question inquiry framework below:

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Who am I?
How would I describe myself right now (strengths, interests, values)?
How can I connect who I am to the choices I make?

What are my opportunities?

What opportunities should I try while I’m in school?

Who do I want to become?
What are my goals now and for the near future?
Where can I find information about my initial post-secondary destination?

What is my plan for achieving my goals?
How do I develop and review my plan?
Who can support me in achieving my goals?

The ongoing development of the IPP provides students with a valuable archive of their learning and with resources that can assist them with their planning. It helps students identify their interests and strengths; explore opportunities; make meaningful decisions; and set goals for the future. Parents and teachers are an important part of this student-led process.

As students move through school and life, they will make many choices about their education and career/life plans. Students will establish and maintain their Individual Pathway Plan (IPP), documenting what they continue to learn about themselves; the opportunities available to them; their goals; and how they plan to achieve them. Each school will have a process in place to support students in completing the IPP expectations appropriate to their grade level.

Below you will find Activities and Lesson Plans that will help our students understand who they are and where to go from here.

Grade Specific Lessons Plans and Activities

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