Halton Catholic District School Board

Alumni Pathways Voices

​Are you a graduate of an HCDSB Pathways program? Did you graduate from HCDSB and want to share your professional success story in the Pathways skilled trades? If so, we want to hear from you!

HCDSB is calling out for alumni entries to hear how the selection of an appropriate Pathway for students can lead to success in the workplace. 

Submit your Alumni Video! 

Graduates of the Halton Catholic District School Board are invited to share their personal Pathways experience in a brief video clip, 30 to 60 seconds in duration. 

Video messages should be inspiring, powerful, concise, and clearly communicate how your Pathways journey has positively influenced you. While we appreciate all entries we receive, please be advised that submissions must meet the selection criteria. 

Submission Criteria:

  • Record your testimonial on any device that will save as an MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV format. 
  • Introduce yourself and the name of the HCDSB school from which you graduated.
  • State the Pathways program you chose and current occupation (if applicable to your chosen Pathway). 

Here are some discussion points to help you craft your story:

  • “I went into high school thinking I would become…” 
  • “When I was younger, I always dreamed of becoming…”
  • “I have encountered changes in my pathway through…”
  • Conclude your video by giving advice to your younger self. For example, “What I wish I could have told myself in high school is…”
  • Send your video file to Sharon Deery, Pathways Itinerant at: deerysh@hcdsb.org.

In the event that your submission meets our selection criteria and has been successfully recieved, you may be featured on the Board’s website and social media channels! Please note that while we appreciate all submissions we receive, only selected videos will be chosen. 

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