Halton Catholic District School Board

At the Halton Catholic District School Board, we believe that the foundation of Catholic education is strengthened by the co-operative relationship between home, school and parish. Research shows that students do better when parents and the school community are actively involved in their education. Each student can learn and become successful in school through hard work, self-understanding and future goal-setting.

The Student Success Team at the HCDSB helps create an environment where student success is experienced at various levels. Student interests may vary and as such, their learning experiences differ. Some students may be interested in the different programs we offer such as the Specialist High Skills Majors or Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs, while other students will want to connect with the variety of academic, social and emotional supports.

The goal of the Student Success Team is to engage every student by supporting their diverse interests, goals and strengths. With the various Student Success initiatives at the HCDSB, we hope that this website will be an important resource in planning and supporting  one of the most important accomplishments in life – becoming a high school graduate.

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